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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

(typically updated every Tuesday)

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June 14/21 edition: 

1. Tip of stick missing crack
2. Right eyebrow rotated
3. Groove in tooth smaller
4. Number 6 instead of 9
5. Stick is shorter
6. Line missing on left arm
7. Bump on tail missing
8. Line around tape at end of stick
9. Indent on lower part of toque missing
10. Extra line of tape on stick blade
June 7/21 edition: 

1. Crease on hat is reversed
2. End of hat is rounded
3. Inner ear is rotated
4. Mouth is lower
5. Button on camera is lower
6.  A dot on nose is missing
7. Stem on one flower is missing
8. Shorts pocket missing line across
9. Baby toe missing on left foot
10. Crease under armpit is missing
May 31/21 edition: 

1. String is shorter on envelope
2. Extra line on sideburn
3. Button on top of hat
4. Left eyeball is lower
5. Line on left shoe heel is higher
6. Circle missing from clipboard
7. Collar missing on his left side
8. Extra crease on shirt button
9. Parcel is smaller
10. Envelope in left hand is higher
May 24/21 edition: 

1. Her hair is overlapping the clipboard
2. Clipboard is shorter
3. Her hat is missing a row
4. Her right eyebrow is missing
5. Line at bottom of stethoscope is missing
6. Dot on sock is missing
7. Line for the eraser on the pencil is missing
8. Tongue missing centre groove
9. Needle is shorter
10. Extra lace on left shoe
May 17/21 edition: 

1. Extra line across shaft of putter
2. Hook at base of nose is smaller
3. Button on hat missing
4. Finger overlapping thumb
5. Extra nipple on ball
6. Spike missing on his right shoe
7. Button on shirt is rotated
8. Line on hat is moved up
9. One line missing on left shoe
10. Mouth is smaller
May 10/21 edition: 

1. One eyelash missing on left eye
2. Extra pearl on necklace
3. String missing off top bag
4. Buckle on her purse is rotated
5. End of purse strap is missing
6. Left shoe heel is shorter
7. Shadow missing from left arm
8. Extra black dot behind feet
9. Crease on the side of one bag is shorter
10. Bracelet is moved up
May 2/21 edition: 

1. Part of the steam swirl is missing
2. Her mouth is lower
3. Bit of hair above her ear is missing
4. One finger missing on left hand
5. Extra line across back leg of the chair
6. Bottom of front stool leg is missing pad
7. One crease behind her back is shorter
8. Left slipper is longer
9. Shadow missing from stool leg
10. One indent at back of chair is missing
April 26/21 edition: 

1. Crease at base of his nose is missing
2. Teeth further apart
3. Toe missing on his left foot
4. Overlap of the tail is reversed
5. Leash is shorter
6. Line across Stethoscope is missing
7. Line from strap missing at his left shoulder
8. Line inside pig’s nostril is missing
9. Extra indent of hair at back of his head
10. More junk in his trunk (bigger butt) :)
April 19/21 edition: 

1. Hair part is reversed
2. Part of moustache is missing
3. Line across vacuum hose missing my right hand
4. Line down right side of his jacket is missing
5. Line around inside of rear vacuum wheel is missing
6. Handle on the pot is missing
7. Toaster lever is higher
8. Indent missing at back of left leg
9. Extra line on his right shoe
10. Left eyeball moved over
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