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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

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March 23/20 edition: 

1. Extra piece of grass
2. Shadow missing on left leg
3. Right eyeball moved over
4. Extra line on sideburn
5. Button missing on hat
6. Weed wacker string shorter
7. Blade over lap reversed on mower
8. One shoe lace missing on left foot
9. Sleeve shorter on right arm
10. Button missing on weed hacker handle
March 16/20 edition: 

1. Hair missing at back
2. Right eyebrow rotated to centre
3. Extra crease on tie
4. His right finger overlaps thumb
5. Cane is shorter
6. Button on vest is reversed
7. Stem on Shamrock is in half
8. One line missing on right pant leg
9. Indent missing on left lapel
10. Hook at base of nose is smaller
Spot the difference puzzles
March 9/20 edition: 

1. Inner ear is rotated
2. Coat tail shorter
3. Part of beard missing on his right side
4. Clover stem is longer
5. Sock is lower on his right leg
6. Indent on left heel is missing
7. Left eyeball is moved over
8. Bottom of tie pointing down not up
9. Rectangle on hat is more square (smaller)
10. Extra dash on nose
March 2/20 edition: 

1. Strap is behind arm
2. Some hair missing
3. Extra tooth
4. Bump on the far front side of bike missing
5. Right knee cap is missing
6. Right eyebrow moved down
7. Line missing on headlight
8. Rear light is wider
9. Circle missing on skirt
10. Line missing right handlebar
Feb 24/20 edition: 

1. His right eyeball is moved over
2. The part in his hair is missing
3. Left eyebrow is upside down
4. Space is closer on crescent wrench
5. Extra line on right sleeve
6. Finger sticking out on right hand
7. Nail on ground is rotated
8. Undershirt missing at neck line
9. Collar missing on his left side
10. One line missing on left hand finger
Feb 17/20 edition: 

1. Dog’s right eyeball is lower
2. Dog’s tail is shorter
3. One belt loop is missing
4. Button missing on top of cap
5. Extra line on sideburn
6. Front of cap missing
7. Line inside of dog’s right ear is longer
8. The collar on his right side is missing
9. Extra shoelace on his right shoe
10. Wood is shorter
Feb 10/20 edition: 

1. Back of his cap is straighter
2. Heart overlap is reversed on box
3. Dot missing from INC
4. One heart moved up
5. One line missing from his pants
6. Box lid is longer
7. Mouth is lower
8. Line on bike rack is shorter
9. Heart at top of box moved over
10. Front fender overlap is reversed
Feb 3/20 edition: 

1. Dot on nose missing
2. Letter “A” missing from 3rd box from bottom
3. Letter “i” is missing on 4th box from top
4. Hat indent overlap is reversed
5. Upper line from apron missing on his right side
6. Apron is wider
7. Box 3rd from the top is smaller
8. His left eyebrow is rotated
9. Line on left shoe is moved forward
10. Right side of moustache is not curled
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