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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

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May 25/20 edition: 

1. One stripe on top tie missing
2. Inner ear rotated
3. Shoe lace shorter
4. Point on right toe missing
5. Button missing on pants in his hand
6. Crease reversed on pants
7. His left eye ball moved up
8. Label on toothbrush is moved over
9. Bit of dirt behind his left foot moved up
10. Part of toothpaste is rotated
May 18/20 edition: 

1. One paw missing on hat
2. Mouth rotated
3. Undershirt missing at V-Neck
4. Dog has an extra spot
5. Handle on net is shorter
6. Heel missing on shoe
7. Dog’s ear overlapping man’s hip
8. One vertical string missing on net
9. Line missing on man’s left wrist
10. Dog’s eyebrow rotated
May 11/20 edition: 

1. One string missing from head band
2. Mouth is lower
3. Crease at right elbow missing
4. Stethoscope overlap reversed
5. Pocket smaller on his right side
6. Extra shoe lace on right shoe
7. Cape lower on his left side
8. Indent at right lapel missing
9. One side burn missing
10. Eyeball moved over
May 4/20 edition: 

1. Apostrophe slanted other way
2. Extra “O” on card
3. Card is in front of cheek
4. Part of collar missing
5. One sock is lower
6. Right eyeball moved over
7. Mouth moved forward
8. Left eyebrow is flipped
9. Hair longer at backside
10. Left sleeve is longer
April 27/20 edition: 

1. End of club missing
2. Dot missing on collar
3. One eyelash missing
4. Sleeve shorter on left arm
5. Club is shorter at club head
6. Sock missing on right leg
7. Part of inner ear missing
8. Button missing on top of hat
9. Middle line of shorts on other side
10. Left shoe is rounded
April 20/20 edition: 

1. Finger tucked in on clipboard
2. One shoe lace missing
3. V-neck is gone
4. One freckle missing under nose
5. Eyeball moved over
6. Indent on bangs missing
7. One ear piece is shorter on stethoscope
8. Shadow on right arm is longer
9. Inner ear is rotated
10. Part of the “E” in SAFE missing
April 13/20 edition: 

1. Hair shorter in front
2. Half circle missing on hat 
3. Inner ear is rotated
4. Mouth is lower
5. Extra bubble
6. Circle missing on right shoe
7. Mop is shorter
8. Finger overlapping thumb
9. Extra line on mop head
10. Hook at base of nose is missing
April 6/20 edition: 

1. Sign post in front of cheek
2. Left eyeball moved over
3. Bottom of mouth smaller
4. Sign post is longer
5. Fur missing on top of head
6. S in “Easter” missing bottom
7. Shadow on inner right leg missing
8. Fur on tail missing
9. Ear overlap reversed
10. Line between nose and mouth missing
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