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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

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Nov 16/20 edition: 

1. Eyebrow rotated
2. Button on cap
3. Mouth is higher
4. V neck is shorter
5. One letter is longer
6. Dog’s ear is shorter
7. One claw missing on hind leg
8. Line missing at front of his right shoe
9. Flap on mail bag is shorter
10. Left shoulder is higher
Nov 9/20 edition: 

1. Straw is shorter
2. Sesame seed rotated on front bun
3. Straw overlapping cheek
4. Group of fries missing
5. Indent smaller on sideburn
6. Bit of dirt missing behind foot
7. Crease at armpit missing
8. Extra line on side of right shoe
9. Line from collar is longer
10. V separation between 2 fries is missing
Nov 2/20 edition: 

1. Left eyeball is lower
2. His left eyebrow is moved over
3. Part of his hair, near forehead, is missing
4. Inner ear rotated
5. “S” missing from Pickles (middle jar)
6. One bump on pickle rotated
7. Shirt is straight at V-neck
8. Right thumb is lower
9. Extra pickle bump on middle jar
10. “S” rotated on his left jar
Oct 26/20 edition: 

1. Hair part is reversed
2. Eyebrow shorter
3. Shoes are shorter
4. Name change from Drew to Frank
5. A small circle missing on tentacle near his mouth
6. One tooth missing on the fish
7. His finger missing under the plate
8. One line missing from middle fly
9. Extra dot on top slice of bread
10. Bolt is higher

Oct 19/20 edition: 

1. Button on top of cap missing
2. Back of chair missing
3. Top of number 3 is shorter
4. His right arm is shorter
5. Overlap reversed on his bottom left finger
6. The 3 dashes on his nose are moved forward
7. His left eyebrow is moved over
8. Bottom part of hat strap is missing
9. One line missing on his left shoe
10. Bottom line on cup is lower

Oct 12/20 edition: 

1. Hook on his right eyebrow missing
2. Left eyeball moved over
3. Crease under armpit is smaller
4. Thumbnail showing on right hand
5. Donuts spelled with 2 “O’s”
6. His right thumb is shorter
7. Hook in shirt missing at button
8. Extra line on right shoe
9. Collar is longer
10. Mouth is lower
Oct 5/20 edition: 

1. Her earring is missing
2. L in Greenland is an i
3. Post is shorter
4. Finger overlapping thumb on left hand
5. No indent at the bottom of her hair
6. Clasp on hand bag is solid black
7. Wheel missing on back luggage
8. LOS Vegas instead of Las Vegas
9. Hair overlapping left eye
10. Miami sign overlapping Tokyo sign
Sept 28/20 edition: 

1. Hook at base of nose is smaller
2. Mouth is lower
3. Shadow missing from left arm
4. Pocket crease is rotated
5. Collar missing on his left side
6. Line on left shoe missing
7. One line beside lightbulb is missing
8. Bottom of lightbulb is missing
9. Left side of glasses on top of nose
10. Bump on hair is smaller

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