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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

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Nov 27/23 edition: 

1. TALK is bigger
2. 9 is now a 6
3. Lower lip is missing
4. Eyebrow is rotated
5. Extra line on sideburn
6. Extra crease off of the button
7. Cuff missing on left pant leg
8. Indent on top of head is smaller
9. Indent at left shoulder is missing
10. Crease from middle of shirt is shorter
Nov 20/23 edition: 

1. One dash beside helmet is missing
2. Extra tooth
3. Lower dash from puck beside cheek is longer
4. Stick blade missing bite out of it
5. Puck is behind the stick
6. One dot under nose is moved over
7. Crease above eye is missing
8. Extra shoelace on right skate
9. Top of stick is shorter
10. Puck by the back of his head is rotated
Nov 13/23 edition: 

1. Thumb not visible on right hand
2. Cheek is shorter
3. Indent at back of hat is missing
4. Line missing on pocket
5. Extra crease at right elbow
6. Middle finger is shorter on left hand
7. Inseam is higher on pants
8. Button on collar is moved up
9. Inner ear is rotated
10. Right shoulder missing material
Nov 6/23 edition: 

1. Male instead of Mail
2. Hoof is longer on the back foot
3. Shadow is shorter on front leg
4. Horse’s eyeball is moved over
5. Hair missing above his ear
6. Bullet holes are further apart on hat
7. Hammer missing on his gun
8. Extra line on his right arm
9. Groove on hat is rotated
10. Bump on horse’s rear ankle is missing

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Oct 30/23 edition: 

1. Hair is higher
2. Hair indent at front is moved over
3. Right eyeball is moved over
4. Extra dot on cheek
5. Bolt sticks out further
6. Indent missing from right lapel on jacket
7. Dash on nose is moved to the other side
8. Line on right shoe is moved over
9. Crease from left armpit is missing
10. Pants are higher
Oct 23/23 edition: 

1. Drill bit is shorter
2. Button on shirt is reversed
3. Rear table leg is shorter
4. One key missing on keyboard
5. Crease from lower button is missing
6. Sleeve missing on left arm
7. Handle on hammer is shorter
8. Left eyebrow is shifted over
9. Pant leg is moved over
10. Hook in nose is smaller
Oct 16/23 edition: 

1. Button on hat is missing
2. Hair missing
3. Inner ear hole is smaller
4. Right eyeball moved over
5. Indent on back is missing
6. Smoke is rotated
7. Crease at bottom of right shin pad
8. Shoelace is shorter
9. Plate is rotated
10. She’s smiling
Oct 9/23 edition: 

1. Shadow missing under Bonet
2. Inner ear is rotated
3. Bottom lip is smaller
4. Left eyeball is moved over
5. Leaf is behind arm
6. Extra leaf
7. Extra rock by feet
8. Upper part of right arm is missing
9. Bottom leaf is moved over
10. Curl at end of vine is shorter
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