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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

(typically updated every Tuesday)

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Sept 19/22 edition: 

1. Coffee instead of Canucks
2. Note is closer
3. Back of shirt missing above rake handle
4. Extra side burn
5. Inner ear is rotated
6. End of rake is missing the hook
7. One leaf is rotated
8. His hair extends forward more
9. Eyebrow moved over
10. Rake is shorter
Sept 12/22 edition: 

1. Sunflower stock overlapping his hand
2. He is cross-eyed
3. Petal missing by the front of his hat
4. Sunflower leaf is overlapping the pumpkin stem
5. Sunflower stock is shorter
6. No indent at the back of his hair
7. Mouth is lower
8. Shoelace missing on his right foot
9. One petal missing on flower by his right hand
10. Sleeve on left arm is longer
Sept 5/22 edition: 

1. Button missing on top of hat
2. Left eyebrow missing
3. Eyeball moved over
4. Indent on the butt of the rifle is missing
5. Trigger missing
6. Shadow missing on inner right thigh
7. Indent at top of collar is missing
8. Belt buckle is reversed
9. Heel missing on left shoe
10. There is a sight on top of barrel
Aug 29/22 edition: 

1. Hose in front of flower stem
2. Extra petal on flower at bottom
3. Stem missing behind right knee
4. Inner ear is rotated
5. Top drop is lower
6. Flower in his left hand is lower
7. Petal missing on flower below his ear
8. Extra dot on hose nosel
9. Left knee is less knobby
10. Extra crease on shirt at the button

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Aug 22/22 edition: 

1. Top of umbrella is missing
2. Hot DIGS
3. Hook at mouth is missing
4. Cart handle is missing
5. One spoke is missing
6. His left eyebrow is missing
7. Front wheel is rotated
8. Apron has a V neck
9. Latch is lower
10. Indent is reversed on hat
Aug 15/22 edition: 

1. Straw is shorter
2. Fish is higher
3. Indent at bottom of right pant leg missing
4. Some hair missing under ear
5. Groove on hat is rotated
6. String missing from knot
7. One freckle missing
8. Right eyeball moved over
9. Bottom of hat is missing an indent
10. Shadow missing on right arm
Aug 8/22 edition: 

1. Collar is missing the bump
2. Extra crease on his left sleeve
3. Line on stethoscope missing
4. Dog’s right eyeball is lower
5. Top of Vet’s hair is behind dog’s ear
6. Bottom of jacket is behind dog’s leg
7. Indent on his left lapel is missing
8. Dog’s eyebrow is rotated
9. Tail is shorter
10. Extra line on Vet’s left shoe
Aug 1/22 edition: 

1. Button on hat missing
2. Extra line on sideburn
3. Eyebrow is rotated
4. Button on bottom of geo device
5. Finger is tucked in
6. One rock behind foot is missing
7. Heel missing on right shoe
8. Button missing on shirt
9. Right eyeball moved over
10. One crease at the crotch is missing
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