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March 27/23 edition: 

1. Extra line at bottom of tree
2. Extra dot on starfish
3. Chunk out of shirt is not missing
4. Part of his hair is behind the leaf
5. He’s happier to be alone
6. One toe is missing
7. One leaf is shorter
8. One indent missing on top leaf
9. One line on tree is reversed its direction
10. Eyebrow missing
March 20/23 edition: 

1. Pig’s eyes are reversed
2. Extra crease on shirt
3. Wheat stem is longer
4. Shadow on pig’s leg is missing
5. Line, under pocket, on pants is reversed
6. Extra line on sideburn
7. Back of hat is more indented
8. Left collar is missing
9. Undershirt is lower
10. Pig’s left nostril is rotated
March 13/23 edition: 

1. Tail in front of cane
2. Indent missing from right lapel
3. Bottom of vest is pointed
4. Cane is shorter
5. Line under nose is moved over
6. Bottom line on hat is moved down
7. Top part of inside ear is reversed
8. Left eyebrow rotated down
9. Indent at cheek is bigger
10. Left arm is shorter
March 6/23 edition: 

1. 2 G’s in LEG
2. Dollar sign is upside down
3. Slot beside CHILD is smaller
4. Extra dash on nose
5. Dot missing above “i” in gasoline
6. Hose is shorter
7. Button missing on top of hat
8. Hair indent is bigger
9. Collar missing on his right side
10. No name on tag

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Feb 27/23 edition: 

1. One rock missing by plant stem
2. One line missing under shoe
3. Hook missing on tool
4. Shirt is longer
5. One dot missing on kerchief
6. Left eyebrow is rotated
7. One rock is moved over and rotated
8. Shadow is smaller under leg
9. Mouth is smaller
10. Left eyeball moved over
Feb 20/23 edition: 

1. Man’s chin is rotated
2. Boy is missing a tooth
3. Baby’s inner ear is rotated
4. One line missing on dad’s belt
5. Mom’s collar is more open
6. Left side of dad’s collar is missing
7. Mom’s mouth is lower
8. Baby is missing a finger
9. Opening on mom’s right shoe is smaller
10. Mom has an extra eye lash
Feb 13/23 edition: 

1. Valentines LTD instead of INC
2. One heart is upside down
3. Heart overlap on box is reversed
4. Indent under knee is missing
5. Heart on hat is moved over
6. Hook at base of nose is missing
7. Bottom part of mouth is longer
8. Indent at back of hat is missing
9. Box lid is smaller
10. Line under armpit is missing
Feb 6/23 edition: 

1. Inner ear is rotated
2. Right eyebrow is missing
3. Mouth is smaller
4. Circle missing on clothing near right hand
5. Indent missing on hairline
6. Extra rock behind unicycle
7. Indent missing on wheel
8. Toe nail showing on right foot
9. Indent on clothing by his left leg is missing
10. Small circle on wheel is moved down
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