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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

(typically updated every Tuesday)

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Sept 20/21 edition: 

1. Sam instead of Vic
2. Left eyebrow moved over
3. Lightening bolt on hat is shorter
4. Undershirt missing
5. Extra line on left shoe
6. Part of plug missing by left hand
7. Line across pocket on his left is lower
8. Right thumb isn’t touching the cord
9. Indent on sideburn is missing
10. Mouth is lower
Sept 13/21 edition: 

1. Inner ear is rotated
2. Bird on his collar is missing a feather
3. Sleeve missing on right arm
4. Bottom part of hoe handle is shorter
5. His right eyeball is moved over
6. His right eyebrow is rotated
7. Mouth is tilted up
8. Button on hat missing
9. Finger on right hand is lower
10. Feather missing on bird on his nose
Sept 6/21 edition: 

1. Glue bottle tip is smaller
2. Hair part missing
3. Ruler is shorter
4. Her left collar is missing
5. Stem missing from apple
6. One vibration mark missing from scissors
7. Hole moved over on top book
8. Pen is rotated
9. Part of shadow on the ground is missing
10. Nose is lower
Aug 30/21 edition: 

1. Man’s left eyebrow reversed
2. Letter P is longer
3. Extra dot on helmet
4. Dot missing on the man’s nose
5. Shadow missing on chicken’s neck
6. Extra line on sign handle
7. Chicken’s left eyebrow missing
8. Chicken’s left eye is moved up
9. Line on the man’s right boot is missing
10. Left arm is shorter
Aug 23/21 edition: 

1. One strand of hair missing
2. Flower on cap has a stem
3. Her mouth is lower
4. A half dot missing from swimsuit
5. Hole of tube missing behind her back
6. Shovel handle is shorter
7. Toe nail missing on her left foot
8. Left eyeball is lower
9. Line missing inside the pail
10. Calf muscle is smaller on right leg
Aug 16/21 edition: 

1. 48 instead of 43
2. Arm overlapping foot
3. Inner ear is rotated
4. Left eyeball is lower
5. Hair crease on top of her head is reversed
6. Hook at base of nose is missing
7. Extra line at bottom of football
8. Mouth is smaller
9. Back of right shoe is straighter
10. Right sleeve is shorter
Aug 9/21 edition: 

1. Extra eyelash
2. Finger isn’t raised
3. Her right sock is lower
4. Extra rock on the mountain
5. Part of cloud missing on right side
6. Arms are twisted
7. Earring is missing
8. Mouth is moved over
9. Hair is longer
10. Her left eyeball is lower

Aug 2/21 edition: 

1. He is crossed eyed
2. Mouth is smaller
3. Squeegee handle is longer
4. Dot missing over letter “i” in premium
5. Right pant pocket missing
6. Thumbnail missing on his right hand
7. Zig Zag on gas pump handle is straighter
8. Dot missing on nose
9. Overlap on gas hose is reversed
10. Button on top of hat

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