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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

(typically updated every Saturday)

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May 27/24 edition: 

1. Left eyeball is lower
2. Extra tooth showing
3. Shadow missing on left arm/paw
4. Extra stripe on shovel
5. Top ear is bigger
6. Large black dot touches shovel handle
7. Dot near mouth is rotated
8. Indent at end of bone is reversed
9. Tail is lower
10. Crease on left foot/paw is smaller
May 20/24 edition: 

1. A jewel missing on side of crown
2. Extra crease on hair bow
3. Left eyebrow is rotated
4. Doll is sad
5. Sleeve missing on doll’s right arm
6. Diamond on middle of scarf is rotated
7. One finger missing on Queen’s left hand
8. Line on left shoe is missing
9. Downward line on scarf, below doll, is missing
10. Overlap on middle of crown is reversed
May 13/24 edition: 

1. Bottom of card (backside) is smaller
2. Apostrophe is rotated
3. “M” is longer
4. Left side of her collar is missing
5. Hair shorter behind ear
6. Part on top of head is reversed
7. Indent on her bangs is moved over
8. Space between “T” and “D”
9. Nose is lower
10. Her left shoe has a smaller foot hole
May 6/24 edition: 

1. Jillpot instead of Jackpot
2. One lemon is rotated
3. Coin slot is smaller
4. Cleavage is smaller
5. Letter “I” is upside down in “WIN”
6. Coin overlap reversed under her right hand
7. Heel is shorter on right shoe
8. Bolt out of slot machine handle is missing
9. Her left eyebrow is rotated
10. Her right elbow is more rounded
April 29/24 edition: 

1. Hook at base of nose is smaller
2. Inner ear is rotated
3. Top part of number 3 is smaller
4. Ducks instead of Nucks
5. Tape on stick blade is overlapping
6. One lace missing of right skate
7. Curl at end of hair is shorter
8. One bit of snow is lower by right skate
9. Top front of helmet is angled different
10. End of stick is longer
April 22/24 edition: 

1. Stem on bottom leaf is shorter
2. Extra leaf
3. Undershirt is missing on neck
4. Dimple on chin is rotated
5. Tooth missing
6. Dot moved to front on hat
7. His right eyebrow is rotated
8. Knife blade is shorter
9. Finger overlapping thumb on left hand
10. Heel missing from his left foot
April 15/24 edition: 

1. Left eyeball is bigger
2. Curl missing from moustache
3. Top part of his hat is smaller
4. Bottom part of feather is missing
5. Beard is upside down
6. Button on belt is missing
7. Line across bottom sword is missing
8. Cape is shorter on his left side
9. Top part of cape is missing over right shoulder
10. His right boot is straighter at the heel
April 8/24 edition: 

1. Sleeve is longer on left arm
2. One fry is missing
3. Straw is straighter
4. His hairline is different
5. Left side of collar is missing
6. Extra sesame seed on bun
7. Tie for apron on top side
8. Notepad reads “CN”
9. One tooth is missing
10. Overlap on a couple fries is reversed
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