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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

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April 12/21 edition: 

1. Indent on her bangs missing from one side
2. Her nose is rotated
3. Cat in her right arm has a bigger left eye
4. Indent missing from cat’s cheek in her left arm
5. He left boot is higher
6. Cat her right arm is not showing the top of its tail
7. One bird has an extra toe
8. One stripe missing on cat in her right arm
9. Shadow missing on her right leg
10. Eyebrow missing on one of the birds
April 5/21 edition: 

1. His left eyebrow is flipped
2. Extra small circle on egg
3. Dot missing on nose
4. One toe missing on left foot
5. One ruffle missing on his left shoulder
6. Right arm is straighter
7. Top circle on egg is smaller
8. Hook at bottom of mouth is missing
9. Bottom of vest is missing a piece (above right foot)
10. Line across hat is longer
March 29/21 edition: 

1. Finger overlapping left thumb
2. Extra line on knife handle
3. Left eyeball moved over
4. Half dot missing on hat band
5. Line missing on his left pocket
6. Point on right heel missing
7. Leaf closer to his right hand
8. Top of holster is missing
9. Top of vine is shorter
10. Belt buckle is missing
March 22/21 edition: 

1. Button on top of hat
2. His right eyebrow moved over
3. Inner ear rotated
4. Mouth is smaller
5. Finger is behind tool box
6. Crease on bottom front right leg is reversed
7. Thumb nail missing on his right hand
8. His right shoulder is missing
9. Part of line on side of tool box is missing
10. Left suspender strap is higher up
March 15/21 edition: 

1. Bottom of vest is pointy
2. Band around hat is lower down
3. Line on left lapel is shorter
4. Sock is lower on left leg
5. Bottom of jacket is square
6. One tooth missing
7. Middle dash on nose is rotated
8. Part of beard missing on his left side
9. Right cuff is smaller
10. Extra pin stripe in the middle of his pants
March 8/21 edition: 

1. His left eyebrow is tilted up
2. Collar missing on his right side
3. Bottom of bill in left hand missing
4. One dollar sign is rotated 180 degrees
5. Bottom corner of a bill near his right foot is missing
6. Extra bill under his right elbow
7. Smoke is longer from cigarette
8. One pin stripe missing under tie
9. Hook at base of nose missing
10. Finger overlapping his right thumb
March 1/21 edition: 

1. Bit of hair missing
2. Left eyeball moved over
3. Bump by cheek is missing
4. Smile missing on tie
5. Extra line on shoe
6. Bump on trunk missing
7. Button on right cuff moved over
8. Rear bumper is thinner
9. Reflector on front bumper is rotated
10. Second ring missing on his left hand
Feb 22/21 edition: 

1. Mouth is moved over
2. Side of cup is missing
3. Middle part of the first letter E is longer
4. Space at top of coffee steam
5. Bottom of Coffee picture is higher
6. Crease on his back is lower
7. Coin slot is bigger
8. Top button on machine is smaller
9. One extra bump of hair above forehead
10. Extra line on his right shoe
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