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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

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Feb 22/21 edition: 

1. Mouth is moved over
2. Side of cup is missing
3. Middle part of the first letter E is longer
4. Space at top of coffee steam
5. Bottom of Coffee picture is higher
6. Crease on his back is lower
7. Coin slot is bigger
8. Top button on machine is smaller
9. One extra bump of hair above forehead
10. Extra line on his right shoe
Feb 15/21 edition: 

1. Indent on side burn is missing
2. Mouth is smaller/lower
3. His right sleeve is missing
4. One heart is flipped sideways
5. Line missing on the inside of his right shoe
6. Part of crease on left pant leg missing
7. Vertical line on front of wheel barrow moved back
8. Bear’s nose is rotated
9. Middle heart is lower
10. Bear’s arm is longer
Feb 8/21 edition: 

1. Right eyebrow flipped
2. Left eyeball moved over
3. One line at back of football missing
4. Cane is shorter
5. Bump on left shoulder is missing
6. Middle cleat on his right boot is moved back
7. Calf muscle is bigger on his left leg
8. Bit of hair missing under chin buckle
9. Indent on his right sleeve is missing
10. Dot on upper lip missing
Feb 1/21 edition: 

1. Indent in left ear missing
2. Eyeball is lower
3. Extra dot under right eye
4. Space between teeth is moved
5. Line behind right arm missing
6. Fur on left elbow missing
7. One rock (left side of pic) is lower
8. One dot near his left paw missing
9. Shadow on neck is smaller
10. Rock at bottom is moved up and over
Jan 25/21 edition: 

1. Button on top of hat missing
2. His right eyeball is higher
3. Extra tooth
4. Palm at his left thumb is missing
5. One paw print missing under left foot
6. Indent at middle of nose is reversed
7. His right shoulder is higher
8. Right arm is longer
9. Extra dot on left pant leg
10. One line missing on right pant leg

Jan 18/21 edition: 

1. One tooth missing
2. Button on hat missing
3. One line missing on left sleeve
4. # 2 Fan
5. Number 4 on right sleeve is different
6. Number 4 on chest is has a longer part
7. Left arm is shorter
8. Lenses on the glasses are closer
9. Part of the line on left shoe is missing
10. Pointy back of the letter C on hat is missing

Jan 11/21 edition: 

1. Middle of tongue is smaller
2. Part of the letter “M” is missing
3. Letter behind is smaller
4. He is cross-eyed
5. Part of inner ear is missing
6. Mail bag is behind his left shoe
7. Front part of shadow is missing
8. One flap under collar is missing
9. Shadow missing on right sock
10. Buckle is smaller on bag strap

Jan 4/21 edition: 

1. One confetti is closer to his nose
2. End of party favour is missing
3. Little finger on left hand is shorter
4. Star missing from Tree on sweater
5. Right arm is shorter
6. Confetti under hat is moved closer to head
7. Confetti near his left eye is rotated
8. Line from bottom of undershirt is missing
9. Snowflake on sweater is moved over
10. Sideburn is higher

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