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Here are the answers to our popular weekly puzzle.

(typically updated every Tuesday)

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Oct 25/21 edition: 

1. Part reversed on top of head
2. His right eye lid is higher
3. Vibration by left hand is rotated slightly
4. Back of seat missing
5. Extra spoke by his left toe
6. Indent on his right lapel is missing
7. Second ball above right hand is moved over
8. Inner ear rotated
9. One line missing on his right bolt
10. Inside of left sleeve missing at wrist
Oct 18/21 edition: 

1. Left eyeball is higher
2. One bubble is higher
3. One fin on side of fish missing
4. One pinstripe missing on his right leg
5. Side of bolt missing on left pedal
6. The fish’s mouth is smaller
7. Line missing on pipe
8. Undershirt missing on his right side
9. Eyeball missing on right slipper
10. Extra crease on bow tie
Oct 11/21 edition: 

1. Drill bit is shorter
2. Ear piece missing from stethoscope
3. Middle finger overlapping index on right hand
4. Hammer head is flipped
5. Right eyebrow is moved over
6. Head ban is narrower
7. Pointy side of collar on his left missing
8. Left side of his jacket is longer
9. Button rotated on shirt
10. Hook at base of nose is smaller
Oct 4/21 edition: 

1. Mouth is moved forward
2. Extra dot on ruler
3. Line from bottom of shirt missing near right hand
4. Under shirt is a V-neck
5. Inside part of the plans is missing
6. Hair missing at forehead
7. Inner ear is rotated
8. Extra line on sideburn
9. Hook at base of nose is smaller
10. Line across his right shoe is moved over
Sept 27/21 edition: 

1. Dimple in chin is rotated
2. Left eyeball is moved over
3. Button missing from top of hat
4. Bat handle is shorter
5. Cleat missing on left shoe
6. Extra cleat on right shoe
7. Line on his left wrist is missing
8. His right pocket is smaller
9. Indent at right shoulder is missing
10. One dot on nose missing
Sept 20/21 edition: 

1. Sam instead of Vic
2. Left eyebrow moved over
3. Lightening bolt on hat is shorter
4. Undershirt missing
5. Extra line on left shoe
6. Part of plug missing by left hand
7. Line across pocket on his left is lower
8. Right thumb isn’t touching the cord
9. Indent on sideburn is missing
10. Mouth is lower
Sept 13/21 edition: 

1. Inner ear is rotated
2. Bird on his collar is missing a feather
3. Sleeve missing on right arm
4. Bottom part of hoe handle is shorter
5. His right eyeball is moved over
6. His right eyebrow is rotated
7. Mouth is tilted up
8. Button on hat missing
9. Finger on right hand is lower
10. Feather missing on bird on his nose
Sept 6/21 edition: 

1. Glue bottle tip is smaller
2. Hair part missing
3. Ruler is shorter
4. Her left collar is missing
5. Stem missing from apple
6. One vibration mark missing from scissors
7. Hole moved over on top book
8. Pen is rotated
9. Part of shadow on the ground is missing
10. Nose is lower
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